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Clubs & Courses

Your tournament season just got a whole lot easier! M Golf takes all the pain out of managing and tracking tournaments by giving clubs and courses access to everything they need. Things like:

  •   Player lists and emails
  •   Organizer contact information
  •   Tournament Pairings & Bag Drop lists
  •   Registrations and payment stats
  •   And lots more!

Make it easy for your players to organize and launch their own tournaments at your course and watch your calendar fill up faster than ever.


Organizers and Players

Golf tournament software used to be ugly, clunky, and completely unimpressive. It wasn’t fun to use, took a lot of time to set up and configure, and it wasn’t very user friendly at all. Not anymore.

With M Golf, your next tournament is going to be amazing. Not only is M Golf super easy to use and get started, but your tournament website isn’t just going to LOOK awesome, it’s going to do a whole ton of things for you! Things like:

  •   Create teams and tee times in a snap
  •   Expose unpaid registrants
  •   Easily create tournament reports
  •   And more!

Make your next tournament your best one yet with M Golf.


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